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Rants, Ravings, Politics, and Silliness

Ask me, I probably have an opinion on it.

6 November
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"My parents went to a planet lacking bilateral symmetry and all I got was this lousy F-shirt."

Bio version 2.0:

I spent 18 years in IT, ending when the bubble burst in 2001. Suddenly, instead of my Master's degree making me more valuable, it made me more expensive. I have since become disabled; I'm still trying to convince Social Security of this. My husband was also in IT; he is currently learning to weld and beginning his second career. We're living with a dear friend who is still making money in IT; we pay minimal rent, buy the majority of the groceries (he's on his own with junk food) and I cook. This is a good deal for both parties; we can afford to stay housed and he gets actual nutrition with his meals.

I wanted to be a psychologist working with alternative sexuality, spirituality, and other life choices; I especially wanted to serve the transgender community because I am sympathetic to them and am apparently very easy for them to talk to. The man who introduced me to my husband is now a woman. I was unable to get into the school of my choice; this turned out to be fortunate as my disabilities became somewhat overwhelming in the past year and a half. I myself am both biologically and mentally female; I do have the invisible disabilities of Major Depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I'm not convinced that GID is actually a mental disorder as much as a genetic or hormonal mismatch; while it is currently treated as a mental disorder, I am not sure that it is. Even if it is removed from the list of mental disorders, I believe that someone undergoing ANY type of plastic surgery, from correcting a "deformity" to nose and boob jobs and liposuction to gender reassignment should spend time with a mental health professional to make sure that the change they seek will actually make the difference in their life that they are seeking.

I also have more obvious disabilities: I have osteoarthritis in my knees to the point that, at 45, the same doctor who didn't want to "confine me to a scooter" suggested knee replacement. I also have peripheral neuropathy, which makes every bone in my feet hurt, and my hands tingle from time to time. The doc said the PN is mechanical, and I was not diabetic at the time. I have since been diagnosed with diabetes, but weight loss brought my sugars back under control. While the current doctor seems to think that the neuropathy is diabetic, the fact remains I had it before I had diabetes, and my diabetes has always been fairly mild. I currently walk with a walker, limit of about half a block, and use a wheelchair part-time most of the time. I finally acquired a power chair; this gives me more range. I can get to a bus stop, as I choose to drive very little, and can use the chair to reach a pool to exercise in an environment that doesn't cause further damage.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Ductal Carcinoma in situ, of the left breast in April 2007. By the end of that month, I had a simple mastectomy, and now I too lack bilateral symmetry. By having a mastectomy rather than a lumpectomy (The disease was multifocal and could not be removed by lumpectomy anyway), I did manage to avoid any radiation or chemotherapy, and was declared "disease free" by my surgeon. The cancer had not infiltrated, and there were no cancer cells in my lymph nodes. I will be taking Tamoxifen for 5 years from May 28th, 2007. I have been in perimenopause since 2001, and the addition of Tamoxifen has meant an acceleration of menopause symptoms, including stronger hot flashes and more irregular menstruation. I have added several other breast cancer survivors to my friends list, and welcome other survivors.

If you are not disabled, but know someone who is, and don't understand why they are limited in what they can do, I highly recommend you visit http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/ and click on "The Spoon Theory."

I am Wiccan and Witch, head of a Wiccan church here in Denver. I take my duties as clergy very seriously; the Church is one of several entrances into the local Pagan community. In addition to hosting Open Full Moons, I perform the usual clergy duties; weddings, sainings (equivalent of baptism, although it's more of an introduction to deity than a dedication to deity), pastoral counseling, jail visits, hospital visits, healing work when requested, and funerals and memorial services.

I crochet and teach crochet. I'm a yarn fiend, with a huge stash, and an absolute crochet hook addict. I collect far more hooks than I can ever imagine needing, but I just love them. I have wooden, metal, plastic, and some bone hooks. Some of my wood hooks need some hand polishing to be ready for me to use, others are works of art rather than tools. My wand is a Size S (3/4" diameter) crochet hook.

I have a tendency to speak my Truth, popular or not. Obviously, this has made me some enemies as well as some friends. The anger and dislike of my "enemies" does not impact me; I care not what they think. What matters to me is what I think, my family thinks, and what my friends and those I respect think, in that order.

The majority of my entries are friends locked for a variety of reasons; personal privacy and the occasional intense pulling out of my brain and examining it in excruciating detail.

Disclaimer: Parts of my blog are very intense, and possibly triggering. The blog goes through intense spells as well as spells of bitching about my disabilities, spells of a lot of mystical chatter, and we mustn't forget the spells of silliness. Taking bits of my head apart to look at and try to put back together better may at any time make my journal dark where before it was silly. I also talk about my disabilities and health; they are an integral part of my life. If you're looking to find someone to feel superior to because you "choose health," find someone else. I don't react well to verbal abuse and unfair fighting in arguments.

If you are interested in reading my posts, you need to post to one of my infrequent public posts, or to me in another venue and tell me you read and agree to the disclaimer. If you don't tell me you agree, I will ask you to before I will friend you. If you just add me without talking to me, you won't see much -- if you can't interact with me to add me as a friend, then why would I believe you'd interact with me afterwards?

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I also loathe Bush and the rest of the Dominionists, but that should be clear enough to anyone actually reading my posts, so this is not actually part of the disclaimer.

Days until Bush leaves office.

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