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Denver Friends lunch poll!

EDIT: Whups, the correct date is December 11, a Saturday. I can't fix the date below as it's in the title of the poll, but plan on next Saturday.

I'm going to unlock this post to get opinions from folks on Facebook. Visitors, if you don't have an LJ logon, just post a comment anonymously -- it will be screened but I will make it visible and count it. Sign somehow so I know who is voting. People actually planning to attend will have more weight given to their vote. :^)

This is going to be a bit short notice; I'll look at the numbers and decide Tuesday night or Wednesday morning and post in both LJ and Facebook when I have decided.

If you have other restaurants you'd like to suggest, post them in the comments. I tend to choose restaurants that are easy for me to get to without driving, but if there is someplace awesome we should check out, I can arrange to get there some way!

Locations of the various restaurants are after the poll.

Poll #1653323 Dec 13 lunch

What strikes your fancy?

India Oven Indian buffet and menu
Beau Jo's Pizza and menu
Garbanzo's Mediterranean cafe style
Panera Bread Soup, salad, and sandwich
IHOP you know this one
Blue Moon Japanese
Saigon Terrace Vietnamese, including Pho
Annie's Cafe Diner food

India Oven is by the Sunflower at Amherst and Colorado Blvd.
Beau Jo's is at the corner of Yale and Colorado Blvd.
Garbanzo's and Panera are both in one building at Dickensen and Colorado Blvd, at the north end of the strip mall with Joann's and the North Face in it.
IHOP is at about Mexico and Colorado Blvd., where one of the Village Inns used to be.
Blue Moon is just south of Evans and Colorado Blvd.
Saigon Terrace is at Florida and Colorado Blvd.
Annie's Cafe is a ways further out -- it's at St. Paul and Colfax, about 4-5 blocks west of Colorado Blvd.

Tickybox and Moo are strictly for entertainment purposes and no promises are express or implied by their inclusion in the survey.
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