Teal (teal_cuttlefish) wrote,

I have a lifetime account on LJ -- I was not aware that it was for the lifetime of the company, darnit. Anyway, since I do have the lifetime account, I'll remain here with all my lovely locked posts until the ship sinks. I am definitely backing my LJ up regularly, in fact as soon as this posts.

I did snag my user name at insanejournal.com but probably won't migrate until the ship begins to go under. Most of my friends that are setting up alternative blogs are going to IJ, so I followed. There's also a notice dated yesterday that IJ is in the black and will most likely remain that way, which helps. I'm toying with starting a public journal or restarting the one I have on Blogspot; right now I'm not doing so well on posting here even, so that's a future project when I get het up enough to start writing about it.

So for now, I'm sticking with my investment and the friends I've made here; if it gets worse I'll encourage those that haven't yet to open an account on Insanejournal as a backup. And do backup your LJs! I use a tool called ljbackup; I've heard that ljarchive is the most often recommended, and those are both PC programs. For other systems, there is LJdump. I don't have those links, but sigma7 has them in his discussion of the situation. He doesn't think LJ will last another year; I'm thinking they'll lose more by shutting it down than by understaffing it, so we'll see.

This post is public. I will try to get a locked status up soonish.
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