Teal (teal_cuttlefish) wrote,

Available for some politicking for the disabled?

I was down on the 16th St Mall for Planned Parenthood, and will write more later tonight, after I wind down a bit. For now, I'm late, but I got this from the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition. They need turnout, if you are available and able. I plan to be there.


201 SOUTH CHEROKEE STREET DENVER-You get there on the route 52 but the 0 and 3 go close-light rail at Alameda Station is very close also.

11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Because Obama's disability rights coordinator is going to be there around 11:30 or so and we need to show him that we can do a turnout-we need to have at least 400 people show up from the disability community-this includes the parent groups, the mental health groups, the Deaf groups, the DD advocates, and every single disability organization out there. United we will win. In politics two things are important, money power and people power. We don't have the money but if we can show we have people power we will see changes that will make our lives better.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO RSVP-it will be accessible, if you need help with something there will be plenty of aides available to help and there will be sign language interpreters. If you have other questions call 303-733-9324.

This is the historic place with a living history exhibit showing how we have come together as a community and taken power and made changes for decades. While ADAPT has done protesting to get things done (and without that many rights we enjoy today would never have happened) this event on Wednesday is NOT going to be a protest and there will be no arrests or any sort of civil disobedience. The beauty of our community is that we are diverse and have different people and groups doing various things to achieve our shared goals. WEDNESDAY AT 11 is when we will come together in a historic show of unity to let the 2008 Democratic candidate know that our issues are important and must be not only included but must be at the forefront of his agenda for change. Our people continue to suffer and we cannot wait -we need change now and the only way to get it to convince those in charge that we are too many to ignore.

We also strongly encourage people to attend the disability caucus meetings on Tuesday and Thursday at noon in the Convention Center room 612. We will be asking for some small amendments to the Obama disability policy and asking that the National Party adopt our health care reform principles.
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