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OK, it's getting talked about all over, and sounds like it is a completely dead idea at this point, but for those of you talking about about the Open Source Boob Project, rather than post the same thing in several journals, I thought I'd just post my unique perspective as a person with breasts of two different materials:

First, I am entirely too private a person to allow public handling of my breasts, in any context other than a bra fitting. In fact, I throw a fit when someone bumps my chair (next story); I'm not going to even encourage someone to ask if they can fondle my breasts.

However, if this should somehow survive and morph into something at Worldcon this August, I have decided to participate. I will modify my bra so my prosthesis is easier to access (It goes in a big pocket with a tiny top, so I would put a slit in the pocket for faster removal), wear the button, and should anyone ask if they could touch my breast, I will reach in, pull out the prosthesis, and drop it in his hand. I suspect that will be good for a couple of freakouts before word spreads not to ask the crazy chick in the wheelchair.

I don't actually suspect that it will migrate to Denvention -- it's been killed dead dead dead in theferret's journal and he's had to close the discussion because he was drowning in mail. (although you can just turn off mail notification for a specific post, but I think he also wore out because of the variaty of interpretations of the issue. But if it does, that is exactly what I will do. In fact, I will have a micro Leatherman with me, and if the OSBP crops up, I will modify my bra then and there for the sheer joy of the FOM and making the point.

That other story:

galen_dp and I went to see George Carlin last Saturday. He is now 70, and as he announced at the beginning of his show, "an old fuck." He's always been cynical, and that hasn't changed. He doesn't do the "Seven Words You Can't Say on Television" any more; instead he sells a T-shirt with two thousand dirty words on it in very fine print.

Before we went to the show, we went to Maggiano's Little Italy at the Denver Pavilions. Their food is good, and most of it extremely plentiful; we ordered a couple of their smaller entrees, bruschetta, and a single side dish and were quite full. Other of their entrees are huge. Everything was quite delicious. We had an excellent server, Marie, who not only took great care of us while we were at table, but saw to it I could get in and out of the Ladies" Room after dinner, and then made sure that I got out of the (very crowded with prom attendees) restaurant afterward. However, the tables are quite close together, and one of the staff was constantly bumping in to my chair. Well, we did have a website to go to for commenting, so I did. I praised Marie highly for her professionalism and caring, and then I said something along the lines of:

When a person is in a wheelchair, quite often at least part of the reason for that is that the person is in pain. Pain is certainly one of the reasons that I am in a wheelchair. One of the Maggiano's staff members repeatedly bumped into my power wheelchair. I don't know who, but it was a younger man. I would like to ask you to inform your staff that when a person is in a wheelchair, that wheelchair should be treated as an extensiion of the patron's body. No one would repeatedly bump into a person standing in a room not in a wheelchair, and when a person is in a chair, it often hurts even more than it would bumping into a non-disabled person.

Monday, I got a letter from Maggiano's, thanking me for my information, assuring me they would address the issues in training, as well as acknowledging Marie for her excellent service. And they gave me $20 in gift cards to return to Maggiano's. Hubby looked at them and said "I guess you're going to Maggiano's for lunch sometime soon, honey!" It was a great outcome, and more responsive than I expected.

The Gothling is loving her cell phone. She loves to text me -- I'm trying to train her not to use it during the school day at all. I think we'll get there, as she doesn't want to have the phone confiscated. I've been playing with the Family Locator service, and it's great. Sometimes it gets down to what it claims is within 7 yards of the location, but it always says, when it gets that close, that we're at the next door neighbor's house. I think that's a faint skewing of the map, because when I pull up the satellite picture, it shows us in the house, but the home landmark is a bit to the east. I definitely feel better about her being out of reach when I can look and see where she is from the computer or the phone.

Looks like I will be starting a support group, or possibly two, in June. I need to talk to the neighborhood library and see if they are interested in having a support group there; Y-ME has the room reservations made for the first Tuesday of the month at the American Cancer Society building. I should have an announcement to post soon; both meetings will probably be at the lunch hour. I'll probably post information on the local pagan lists as well -- I know I have one couple that wants to attend if it will fit their schedule.

We're pretty happy with the Sleep Number bed. I'd like to make my side softer to sleep on, but my back protests. However, most of the time it does seem to reduce my overall pain levels as long as I keep my number at 60 or above. I set it to full during the day and it is far more comfortable to sit on than the old, worn-out bed we did have, and that is a major blessing right there. I do get occasional pain spikes still, most often when the barometer is dropping. Like today, when the wind kicked up and I got pain in my back and my left ankle. ("Radicular" pain. I don't recommend it to anyone, honestly.)

I'm concerned about a couple of friends in miserable, unpleasant jobs. I wish I had some magic networking solution that would help either one find a job that s/he actually enjoyed and paid a living wage. If you think I'm talking about you, I probably am, and if I do run across something (slightly more likely for the local friend) I will let you know.
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