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I know at least a couple of you are looking for a new bank. We've been with WaMu, aka Washington Mutual for some time. They have a new checking account called WaMu Free Checking; you've probably seen the "Whoo-hoooo" ads on TV.

(This is a US-only recommendation, sorry friends in other countries.)

It is a good account. No monthly fees, they will give you standard checks (I'm vain and buy my checks elsewhere, but that is strictly my choice) for free for the life of the account. They give you a Debit Card, and they don't charge you for any ATM transactions anywhere, though non-WaMu ATMs may charge you. In addition, each time you use your Debit Card, you get a three cent "reward." I don't know what's done with that right now, but it's a nice little perk as long as I'm going to be using the card anyway.

In addition, if after you have a WaMu Free Checking account, you open an Online Savings account from the web site and associate it with your WaMu Free Checking account, it will earn 4% Annualized interest. This is better than their Money Market Account currently pays. (All interest paid consumers sucks royally right now, there's no escaping that. And the Fed is talking about lowering interest again, which I'm sure will effect savings accounts as well.)

Their customer service is terrific; only once did I have a problem with a telephone banker, and it turned out the issue was I am considered a business customer because I have one sole proprietership account, and that changes things enough that this guy, who was just a personal accounts guy, got confused. every other time I've had great service.

If you aren't happy with your current bank, I definitely recommend Washington Mutual.
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