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Writer's Block: Photography: The Best Advice

What's the best advice you've given or gotten for taking good photos?
The best advice I've read or heard is to take multiple shots of every setting; take many, many photographs. While practice and talent will reduce the number of shots between truly stellar photographs, those of us with lesser skill and talent can improve our odds at getting a marvelous photograph by taking a huge number of photos.  While a professional photographer might take 50 shots in a session and two to three hundred at a wedding, we amateurs can produce a similar number of pictures worth framing or publishing by increasing the number of photographs taken by tenfold or more.  The advent of digital cameras allows us the luxury of snapping merrily away and taking hundreds of pictures in hopes of obtaining that one truly priceless photograph.  We can discard many of the less successful photographs without any expense of printing proofs or developing negatives, a fact which has opened the field to more people. The digital camera is a democratic device allowing many more to enjoy and participate in the art of photography.
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