Teal (teal_cuttlefish) wrote,

Can't brain any more, I have the dumb...

Well, I went to try out for the Denver Women's Chorus, the country's largest Lesbian friendly Women's Chorus. Got lost, the director popped me into Alto II based on my speaking voice, and then "auditioned" me after the rehearsal. I'm a bass, at least for a woman. I'm staying in Alto II. The concert this year is really ambitious and political, and the DWC is an excellent vehicle for it; pointing out to the country that "separate but equal" doesn't work for gay marriage any better than it worked for segregated schools. It's a cause I'm all the way behind, but oh my am I suffering from information overload.
And I have to find out about scholarships; I guess it costs about $25 a month, and I can't pull that out of zero.

On the major accomplishment front, Alyria is going to graduate to Deputy Black Belt on Friday. That means, since our stylist is out of commission for the week, Mom gets to color half her hair black and half her hair red Thursday night. We're both really looking forward to that. I need to go to Sally's Beauty supply and find a brand of color with a good true red and a good dark black, that's sweat proof. Then I'll fly home with it...

Seriously, any beauty product mavens out there that can help me find a good brand of color? She has to spar for 6 minutes before she gets the belt, and so while she'll wash her hair Thursday night, I don't want colored sweat running down her face. Advice solicited.
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