Teal (teal_cuttlefish) wrote,

You know, there's a powerful lot of idiots out there.

So I just finished watching a show called "A Haunting" on the Discovery Channel. This family sees some signs of haunting, so the husband calls his friend, who does paranormal research on the side. (This was the first of two; I've seen the other one before.) There's a malevolent male spirit named Edward; when he takes photos of places where he hears things, there are infant faces in the walls, and he leaves his pregnant wife in the damn house. For good measure, he brings her and the baby back after the birth, then go digging around trying to find the body of one of the girls Edward killed when he was alive. After Edward manages to nearly bean the newborn, he does finally agree to move out of the haunted house, leaving me with a couple of very strong questions:

Was his testosterone so overpowering his common sense that he thought he could take on a ghost with no background in the paranormal?

As the situation got worse, why didn't he get the pregnant lady and the kid out of there and call in someone -- a catholic priest, a Voudoun Priest or Priestess, a witch with the ability to contact the frightened female spirits, a witch with the ability to chase the bastard right off this plane, rather than putzing around with his amateur parapsychologist and the amateur clairvoyant while leaving his family in harm's way the whole time?

I wouldn't want to take on an entity like that one. But I know who I'd want to back up. Shouldn't be hard to find a metaphysical store in New England and get a reference. Heck, I taught good Hispanic Catholics to make a circle on the phone at 5 am to protect someone who was cursed. I don't know if it worked or not, and I didn't know where to find the people I know about now, but for crying out loud!

"Hey, this is really cool information. I'll just leave my pregnant wife and young stepdaughter in mortal danger while I play Dick Tracy."

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