Teal (teal_cuttlefish) wrote,

As long as I'm talking about things my friends sell:

melanie makes and sells marvelous soaps that are highly superfatted and great for all skin types.

I hate chopping onions and garlic. I made guacamole today, and since I can't eat chilis, I heat it up with onion and garlic. Those smells can stay with my hands through a couple of showers. Her coffee and cocoa soap, an odor-killing soap which doesn't appear to be a production soap (yet?), killed the odor completely. In one wash of my hands! I was amazed. Mel, you need to make more of that stuff for the foodies. The sensitive skin soap is wonderful for my daughter's oily facial skin and my dry facial skin, and I'm well stocked with several varieties of her other soaps.

I'm a soap junkie. I've found my favorite supplier.
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