Teal (teal_cuttlefish) wrote,

URGENT for Liberals

Tomorrow, Senator Frist is going to launch the nuclear option and attempt to eliminate the filibuster. If you are in Colorado, Sen. Salazar is receiving a LOT of pressure from conservative groups to allow the nuclear option to succeed. It's a really close vote, and it's happening tomorrow. (Sen. Allard is a lost cause, but you can call him if you wish.)

In Denver, Sen. Salazar's phone number is 303-455-7600. All of his offices are in the phone book so you don't need to pay LD charges.

Ask him to support the filibuster against Judge Priscilla Owens. IMO, this is the ONLY thing that will maintain any balance of power in Washington.

To my several friends in Oregon, please call both your senators; while their names have slipped my mind, my activist groups have informed me that your Republican Senator is moderate and may be persuaded if enough people call him.

To those of you in other states; you know which of your senators will listen. Call them and make your voice heard.
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