Teal (teal_cuttlefish) wrote,

Ten Things I've Done that You Probably Haven't (and if you have, do tell!)

1. Been "saved" for 4 years, an atheist for about 10 years, and am now a Wiccan/Witch.

2. Performed both weddings and memorial services (not a funeral -- cremation) including spreading ashes (I'd love to shake your hand, but my hand is covered with C at the moment!)

3. Had conversations with comatose people.

4. Founded a Wiccan Church that has lasted longer than 13 years.

5. Became an officer of the Libertarian State Party the year I joined.

6. Discovered that Libertarians infight worse than Pagans do.

7. Run as a "Libertarian Witch" and the only opponent against a Republican County Clerk and Recorder, and get a little over 38% of the vote.

8. Yelled at a reporter for calling me a "self-proclaimed" Witch.

9. Worked revolving shifts -- one week nights, one week days, one week afternoons, two week weekends on any of the shifts -- in a 24x7 computer operation.

10. Had nine men move me out of my house and first marriage right under my ex-husband's nose.
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