Teal (teal_cuttlefish) wrote,

To those of you that say "deaths come in threes"...

And are looking for the third to complete the set of Rodney Dangerfield and Christopher Reeve:

You know what? People die. They die all the time. If you want to look around and group them into threes, or sevens, or thirteens, or thirties, you can. Because death is a part of life; everyone eventually ends up at the last way station. Those of you looking for a third, or a thirteenth, or a thirtieth, will find the dead person to complete your set because people die. There's also thousands of other deaths that go completely unnoticed during the same time period. There's the 1,100 American soldiers in Iraq. There's the 40,000 civilians in Iraq. Why don't any of those thousands of deaths count in your sets of threes? Does it only count if it's someone famous, and all the "little people" who die every day don't count? Most of those "little people"s deaths count a hell of a lot to the people that knew them and loved them.

Right now I'm seriously considering declaring my mother dead to me. I don't want to deprive my daughter of her grandmother, but right now I'm mourning. My mother is supposed to be my cheerleader, not skeptical about what I can and can't accomplish -- and that part of her is gone. Choosing either alternative above won't solve the problem, but I've spent the last 24 hours in tears a big percentage of the time.

And not once was it for Rodney Dangerfield or Christopher Reeve. I said "Aw, that's too bad" when I heard about Reeve; I didn't know he was ill.

If you're Wiccan, or Pagan, or inclined that direction, Death is a part of Life. There is no room for new life if death doesn't clear the way. And it's fall, harvest time, the time when the grain is harvested and food put away for the winter before we had the eternal summer of modern conveniences.

People die. They keep dying. You can group them in whatever number sets you like; they're going to continue to die. It's a part of life, folks. Instead of trying to demystify it by stating that it "comes in threes" and so there's one more to go, demystify it this way: Death happens to everyone. We're all on a terminal ride. Our job is to take the ride the best we can, so that when it's our time we can go with satisfaction and curiousity as to what the next step will bring.

Death doesn't happen in sets, it happens all the time. All. The. Time. You can't predict who will be next; you can probably tell if a loved one is ill enough to be near the top of the list, but we don't get to predict death. We can't control it. We can't even force it to come in threes.

So mourn the lives that impacted you, and know there's going to be another one coming down the bend. And stop trying to put the inexplicable into sets in an attempt to understand it. The inexplicable has a way of upsetting your neat little system if you work at it too hard.

What the heck. I'm even making this one public.
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