Teal (teal_cuttlefish) wrote,

Old dogs, new kittens, and new tricks.

Or at least, new dog doors.

Since we've had Bassets we've had a dog door that fits into a sliding glass door. When we moved, we took that dog door with us.

Gromit has gotten just a little too big for the dog door, and the next size up for the sliding glass door has a 5" rise in it. Bassets have 4" legs, more or less.

Anyway, Gromit had managed to break part of the dog door so it was no longer closing magnetically. The kittens, Puff especially, had figured out that they could get out of the floppy broken dog door and go exploring. Puff is exceptionally fond of the roof, most notably on the side by my next door neighbor, the vet.

Well, a bigger sliding glass door insert wouldn't work, because Winston is way to old to be vaulting out the dog door. So we bought an in-the wall door, a size bigger than the one Gromit broke. We installed it today, basically on the next wall over in the same room. There is a 5" rise on the inside, so Kent built a ramp up to the door so it's easy going for those little legs. Then Doug took the one in the sliding glass door out and shut the door all the way.

To bribe the dogs to go through the door, the first extravaganza was tempting them with pig ears, getting each dog to go through, and come back in. Gromit's cool with it. Bridget hates it. Winston isn't thrilled but will put up with it. And Puff has determined that her 3 pound weight won't release the magnets! Yay!

So the dogs all went outside a bit ago, and being creatures of habit, had come back to the sliding glass door to come in. Puff was sitting there on the inside, looking out at the three Bassets on the outside, and you could almost hear them thinking "How do I get where you are?" I'd have taken a picture, but it's getting dark and the flash would eliminate the Bassets from the photo.

Eventually, Gromit and then Winston came back in the new door. Not Bridget. She lay down on the concrete outside the sliding glass door and sulked because she was afraid of the new door. Bridget is alpha most of the time. Not, apparently, when it comes to new dog doors.
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