Teal (teal_cuttlefish) wrote,

For Tanith

Tanith has the opportunity to go to Montreal, Canada with the Denver Women's Chorus. She was given lots of frequent flier miles, but needs $113.69 for the rest of the plane ticket. She also needs $223.85 for a hotel room while there. In addition, I expect she'd like to eat. She needs this soon, she has to be there by Tuesday. She could be there as soon as Thursday, but that would be a neat trick.

If you can help her out (I wish I could but I can't for a couple of weeks, which is too long) and have PayPal, send funds to me at fnorky (swirly little a thing) earthlink.net with the comment "for Tanith". Let's see if we can get her 5 or 6 hundred so she can enjoy her trip.

This isn't authorized by her; I'm doing this because I want to. Let's see what we can manage. I know that a lot of us are in dire straits ourselves, but if you can spare a little, toss it this way.
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