Teal (teal_cuttlefish) wrote,

Weird IM encounters

I'm crushed, I tell you, crushed that someone I've never met feels this way about me.

04/28 [16:25] patrick_hamm66: your fat
04/28 [16:26] hearthstone_alia: And you are an ignorant ass. So?
04/28 [16:26] patrick_hamm66: so wat your still fat
04/28 [16:26] hearthstone_alia: And you can't spell and are probably about 13. Go away, little boy.
04/28 [16:26] *** patrick_hamm66 has been ignored.

Yes, I know it's polite to blank out other people's yahoo IDs. Once again, I don't believe the individual in question deserves the consideration, since he initiated the contact with an insult.
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